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Situated to the north of Bastia and Saint-Florent, Cap Corse is a 40 kilometre long and 10 km wide promontory, with several attractive fishing villages, much attractive coastline and a couple of good beaches.

A ridge of mountains runs down the center of Cap Corse, with Mont Stello, in the centre of the peninsula, the highest peak at 1307 metres.

Exploring Cap Corse

The usual way to visit Cap Corse is simply to follow around the coast - up one side and down the other, with occasional excursions a little way inland to visit the wine-producing villages in the hills.

This itinerary provides the best way to enjoy the coast, beaches and small villages, and repeated crossing from side to side is not possible because of the mountains.

Erbalunga, Cap CorseHighlights of a visit to Cap Corse

The two sides, east and west, are quite different in character - to the west of Cap Corse the mountains reach right to the sea in a much more dramatic fashion than on the gentler east side.

There are numerous scenic highlights and small villages to see en-route around the coast, the places mentioned below are a small selection of the highlights.

Cap Corse: east coast

Heading north from Bastia:

  • Miomo - beach
  • Lavasina and Pozzo (access to the hike up Monte Stello)
  • Erbalunga has a very picturesque harbour, and a small beach. From here you can head inland to visit Castello.
  • Sisco
  • Marina and beach at Pitracorbara
  • Porticciolo and inland to Campo and Luri (a group of very small villages)
  • Meria Marina

Cap Corse: north coast

Almost inaccessible - but worth the effort.

  • Tomino, and the beach at Tamarone
  • The coastal path (the original Customs Path) into the Capandul Natural Reserve - splendid scenery and lovely beaches
  • If time permits head to the extreme north of Cap Corse for the tiny villages at Tollare, Macinaggio, Rogliano and Barcaggio, the quiet coastline - one of the best beaches in Corsica is found at Barcaggio, part of the region called Ersa.
  • One particular favourite is the small (active) fishing port at Centuri, at the north-east corner of Cap Corse - see also the views from the hill behind the town near Ersa and the tiny scenic village at Cannelle.

Nonza, Cap Corse

Cap Corse: west coast

Heading south from Centuri towards Saint-Florent...

  • The towers around Morsiglia
  • Pino - great setting, and more towers...
  • Barrettali and the small marina at Giottani
  • Canari
  • Nonza, poised above the Mediterranean and with an attractive ochre church, and magnificent views out to sea (above Albo).
  • Patrimonio and church, then back across the mountains and some very good views to Bastia

Genoese Towers

There are several Genoese towers that you will se en-route around the coast, defending the small hamlets, with the Tour de Seneque, on a rocky outcrop high above the Col de Saint-Lucie near Pino on the west coast having perhaps the best views (and being the most photographed).

Tours of Cap Corse

If you don't want to drive around yourself, a bus tour company operates from Bastia that passes around the peninsula.

You can also follow a waymarked wine route, including ample opportunities to stop and taste the good local wine, in the Patrimonio region just north of Saint-Florent in the south-west corner of Cap Corse.

You can find more local travel ideas in the guide.

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