North-eastern Corsica with Cap Corse and Bastia

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Located at the north / north-east end of Corsica, this region includes the Cap Corse peninsula. The two most important towns in this part of Corsica are found either side of the base of the peninsula at Bastia and Saint-Florent.

Explore the north-east of Corsica

If you want to see a quieter more traditional side of Corsica then the north-east of Corsica and the Cap Corse peninsula are a good choice. There are none of the major sites of Corsica here but you can enjoy good scenery, quiet beaches and a relaxed atmosphere.

The key town in the north is Bastia which as well as its new port has an old harbour which is very picturesque and there is also an interesting citadel. Saint-Florent is a resort with an attractive harbour and some good sandy beaches.

At the north is the Cap Corse peninsula dotted with little fishing villages. You can tour round in a day or take a more leisurely pace and spend 2 days exploring. Start on the eastern side in the morning and come down the western coast in the afternoon / evening to enjoy the best of the sunrises and sunsets.

Centuri harbour

Your Cap Corse tour will include the fishing village of Erbalunga, the northern Cap Corse villages of Macinaggio, Rogliano and Barcaggio. Ersa is close to the tip and then on the Western coast is the lovely harbour of Centuri and the charming hill-village of Nonza.

To the south of Saint-Florent be sure to take a drive through the stunning scenery of the Desert des Agriates which is mountain and scrub scenery and very pretty. The hills of the Nebbio region are covered in vines and olives and have a backdrop of mountains adding drama to the pastoral scenery. Take a drive to Lento for some excellent views over the Nebbio region.

South of Bastia are the quiet hill villages of the Casinca region.


Bastia is a long established port town in Corsica with an attractive harbour and a fascinating old town

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Saint-Florent is a popular resort in northern Corsica, with easy access to stunning beaches and other scenic highlights

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Cap Corse is the peninsula to the north of Bastia, with tradirtional villages and picturesque coastline

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Nonza is a village in an impressive clifftop location in western Cap Corse and overlooked by a ruined genoese tower

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Centuri is a charming harbour town on the Cap Corse peninsula and a great place to stop to eat

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Erbalunga is a pretty coastal village on the eastern coast of Cap Corse

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Visit the pretty hilltop village of Rogliano, the coastal village of Macinaggio and the great beach at Barcaggio

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Ersa is a picturesque group of villages and a harbour at the northernmost point of Cap Corse

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The nebbio is a quiet region south of saint-Florent known for its villages and vineyards

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The only desert in Europe, Agriates has some lovely beaches and a popular coastal footpath

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Casinca is a picturesque region of hill villages in north-east Corsica between Castagniccia and Bastia

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Lento is a small village in the hills of Corsica near Saint Florent

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