Southern Corsica, and coastline around Bonifacio and Ajaccio

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The southern part of Corsica is centred around the town of Bonifacio, in its dramatic cliff top setting. Heading north we find the towns of Propriano and Ajaccio to the north-east ad porto-Vecchio to the north-west.

The southern part of the Corsica Natural Park also falls within southern Corsica.

Propriano is a town popular for its easy access to great beaches, stunning scenery and mountains

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Porto Vecchio has an attractive marina and old town and easy access to stunning beaches

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Sartene in Corsica is in a scenic position on a hilltop with an interesting old town and impressive views

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Filitosa is an intresting colection of neolithic carvings and standing stones

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Palaghju has the largest number of prehistoric standing stones of anywhere in the Mediterranean

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Ajaccio, birthplace of Napoleon, also benefits from attractive beaches, Ajaccio cathedral and a citadel

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Visit the the scenic peninsula of the Iles Sanguinaires, ideally by boat trip

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The Col de Bavella is a mountain pass and series of rocky spires to the north-west of Porto-Vecchio

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The southern part of Corsica is also well known for having some of the most magnificent beaches on the island - indeed some of the best in the Mediterranean.

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