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Ersa is a group of villages and hamlets and a port at the northern point of Cap Corse, itself the northernmost point in Corsica, between Centuri and Rogliano.

To the north the region is coastal while heading south, Ersa runs into the start of the mountains that run down the centre of Cap Corse. the terrain is typically covered with forests and scrub (maquis).

Exploring Ersa

The 'main' villages here include Botticella (the largest village in Ersa), Cocinco and Poggio.

Giraglia island, coast of Ersa in Cap CorseThe smaller villages and hamlets include the group of Gualdo, Rota and Piazza, and the group around Granaggiolo.

Although lacking important historical monuments the villages have their own personalities and are a pleasure to explore. Cars are usually unable to enter the village centers.

Many of the villages in Ersa have their own churches, with the ruined Church of Saint-Andrea at Granaggiolo and the convent at Botticella (now the town hall) being among the most important.

The coast off Ersa is interesting, with several small beaches separated by small raised areas of cliff and rock.

The main port is at Barcaggio, to the north of the commune which is also well known for the nearby popular Cala beach.

Another small marina is found at Tollare, a little west of Barcaggio.

The island of Giraglia is a protected nature reserve just off the coast from Barcaggio, which also has an 18th century lighthouse, a 17th century Genoese tower and the ruins of a small chapel.

Places to Visit Nearby

A little further south on the east coast is the pretty village of Nonza with its rocky headland, Genoese tower and a great bar in a ruined castle on top of a cliff.

On the western side of the peninsula is our favourite village of Cap Corse, the pretty village and harbour of Centuri.

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