Central Corsica, with Corte and the mountains of the central region

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This region includes the central, mountainous region of Corsica. It is notable for being the only region listed here that doesn't have a beach - but no problem, you will find a great deal of stunning scenery and beaches are always within reach when necessary!

Exploring central Corsica

Corsica Natural Park

photo of Corsica Natural Park

Covering almost half of corsica, the Natural park includes large areas of mountains, lakes and forests

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photo of Corte

A beautiful small town and good base for exploring the mountains of central Corsica

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Gorges de la Restonica

photo of Gorges de la Restonica

The Gorges de la Restonica are beautiful scenic gorges a short distance south of Corte.

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Lac de Creno

photo of Lac de Creno

The lac de Creno is an attractive tree-ringed lake in the heart of the Corsica Natural Park

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photo of Moltifao

Moltifao is a village in an imposing hilltop position with great views in all directions

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photo of Popolasca

Popolasca is a small village in the mountains of central Corsica in the shadow of the very scenic rocky ridge of the aiguilles de Popolasca

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Walking opportunites are also numerous through the heart of Corsica, and include the famous GR20 path and many easier routes: Hiking in Corsica guide

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