Corsica regions

Corsica is an island best explored at a leisurely place, where stopping to absorb the atmosphere or to linger at a harbour-side cafe is as much a part of the pleasure as the more important tourist sights.

Although they can be very different in character, almost all the island's regions have something of interest to offer, from the mountains in the central region to the beaches that line a large part of the coast. Unfortunately this means it is impossible to enjoy all that Corsica has to offer during just one visit!

Below we introduce the main regions of Corsica - each region then has a more detailed article that goes on to introduce the main places - towns, resorts and scenic highlights - to be found during your visit

calanches de piana in north-west Corsica

North-West Corsica

With the popular resorts of Calvi and l'Ile Rousse, the north-west region of Corsica also includes many scenic coastal highlights, and the quiet villages of the Balagne

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Ersa in cap corse, north Corsica

North Corsica

Including the 'Cap Corse' peninsula and the area around Bastia, highlights here include a tour around coast of the peninsula itself and time spent exploring the villages to the south of Saint Florent

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Proprianao in southern Corsica

South Corsica

The southern region of Corsica is centred around Bonifacio, in its stunning clifftop location, and includes several other towns of interest such as Ajaccio and Porto-Vecchio as well as some of the islands most impressive scenic highlights

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village of Bavella in central Corsica

Central Corsica

The centre of Corsica is based around the town of Corte. As well as this bustling university town the region is also well placed for exploring the scenic highlights of the surrounding mountains. Even if you are staying on the cast during your visit, we recommend a day trip to visit Corte and some of the surrounding highlights.

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Morosaglia hill village in eastern Corsica

Eastern Corsica

The quieter, and less visited, eastern coast of the island has less of the resorts and beaches that make the western half of the island so popular but a visit is still very rewarding and will usually include the town of Aleria and and the villages of Castagniccia, lost along quiet roads in the forested hills

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