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This region of Corsica includes the less developed and less visited eastern coast and inland regions of the island, with ancient forests and remote hill villages to discover, unspoiled by the passage of time and the arrival of tourism.

Below you can explore some of the most popular highlights and places of interest in the East Corsica region. See also our East Corsica travel guide.

photo of Aleria


Discover roman ruins and a genoese fort at this village on the east coast of Corsica
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photo of Castagniccia


Castagniccia is a quiet region of chestnut forests and quiet villages to the east of the Corsican mountains
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photo of La Porta

La Porta

La Porta is a village in the Castagniccia region known for its imposing baroque style church and decorative tall belltower
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photo of Morosaglia


Morosaglia in the Castagniccia region is best known as the birthplace of Pasquale Paoli, first leader of Corsica
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photo of Piedicroce


Piedicroce is a small village in the peaceful setting of the Castagniccia region of Eastern Corsica
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The region is also traversed by the Corsica Coast road guide which travels around the entire island.

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