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The prehistoric site at Palaghju is found near Tizzani, inland from Sartene in south-west Corsica. it is also referred to as the 'Palaggiu alignment'.

It is the largest array of menhirs and megaliths to be found in the Mediterranean region.

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Dating back almost 4000 years, in total there are some 258 megaliths and 70 menhirs, a few seemingly randomly placed but mostly carefully placed in long lines of standing stones - the rows typically running from north to south..

Only a few of the stones are carved, Filitosa style, and some have fallen down, but it remains an impressive alignment and a great place to reflect on the way life might have been in another era, and to speculate on what purpose the array originally served.

Places to Visit Nearby

Our visit to Filitosa was one of the highlights of our trip to Corsica. The menhirs at Filitosa are carved and there are a large number spread over a large and attractive site.

Sartene is a lovely small town set on the top of a hill and with a charming old town of narrow alleys and paved streets.

If you are looking for beaches then the nearby town of Propriano is a small resort close to some good beaches and has an attractive marina full of small yachts and fishing boats.

You can find more local travel ideas in the South Corsica guide,

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