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Nebbio is the name given to the region inland from Saint-Florent, to the east of the Balagne region of Corsica and to the west of Cap Corse, with the Agriates desert to the north. Its name derives from the Corsican word nebbia meaning mist of which apparently there are many in the region in winter.

The central part of the Nebbio around the 'Conca d'Oro' is a low-lying plain, while to the east rise the high mountains including Mont Stellu and Mont Astu.

Explore the Nebbio Region

The region is characterised by its attractive villages and vineyards, its olive trees and its rolling pastures, and also by its (so far) lack of attention to tourism.

Some of the most highly regarded wine in Corsica is produced in the region, and several of the local caves will tempt you with their wine-tasting.

The main towns in the Nebbio are at Murato and Oletta, with a sprinkling of other attractive villages set in the surrounding countryside.

Desert des Agriates at north of Nebbio

An interesting historical monument is the roman-style church of Saint Michele de Murato - a small church with a tall square tower, it has been built in different colour stone to create an extraordinary patterned design - truly not like any church I've seen before (although apparently a similar style can be seen in Sardinia).

The church is also ornately decorated with carvings and statues. The location of the church is also notable with views across the surrounding mountains, and out to sea beyond Saint-Florent. Be sute to also stroll around the village of Murato while you are here.

The three menhirs now lined along the wall at Pieve are also interesting to see - carved 3000 years ago into human representations, they now stand imposingly in an attractive setting (they were found in the surrounding mountains and are known as the Murtola statue (found in the Aliso Valley), the Murellu statue (found on Mont Revincu) and the Buccentone statue.

Other notable highlights of a visit include the views from the Col de Saint Stefano out across the countryside and beyond to the Mediterranean, and the descent of the impressive gorge 'Le Défilé du Lancone'.

Another scenic highlight in Nebbio is Padula Lake, an (artificial) lake in a scenic location near Oletta.

Places to Visit Nearby

The Agriates desert at the north of the Nebbio region is magnificent and for beach lovers includes some excellent beaches including Ostrocomi beach.

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