Lac de Creno, Corsica

Photo of Lac de Creno in Central Corsica

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The lake at Creno is a lovely, mirror-surfaced lake near the village of Orto and Mont Rotundo, and is at an altitude of 1310 metres. To reach Soccia, where the path starts, you should follow the winding roads through Sagone, Vico and Guagno-les-Bains.

Surrounded by pine trees, and partly covered with waterlilies, this idyllic lake can only be reached on foot - a reasonably easy walk that takes about one and a half hours each way - it starts at the car park above Soccia.

However, even a gentle two or three hours walking under the Corsican sun can get very tiring, so remember to brink plenty of water.

There is also a more difficult path to the lake that leaves from Orto.

The lake itself is a special place, quiet and peaceful and beautiful. Perhaps more so because of the slight effort involved in getting to it. Allow time to follow the path around the lake itself, and simply to sit quietly at the water edge.

Note: Soccia is a lovely village, so try and keep time for a wander around after visiting the Lac de Creno.

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