Girolata, coastal village and beach on the coast of western Corsica

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Girolata is a (quite inaccessible) village and region at the south of the Scandola Nature Reserve in western Corsica, about 35 km north-west from Porto. It falls within the western part of the Corsica Natural Park.

The dramatic setting, with the small village on a peninsula surrounded by the sea and running up the high mountains in the famous red rock of the region, make for a very impressive scenic location.

There is a small beach in Girolata, and an ever-watchful Genoese tower that stands above the village. Below, a small natural harbour attracts smaller yachts that are exploring the coast.

Despite its small size the village does have some facilities for tourists including accommodation and restaurants - Girolata is transformed from a very quiet backwater for most of the village to a thriving tourist centre in the tourist months.

The highlight is of course the scenery, the chance to see the wildlife, and the astonishingly clear sea water here.

In the absence of a road to the village there are two ways to get to Girolata:

- take a boat trip from Porto, Calvi or Cargese

- arrive on foot - the path to Girolata starts from Col de la Croix on the road from Porto to Calvi (22km from Porto) and takes an hour and a half (7 km) in each direction (for many years the local postman walked this path every day to deliver the mail to Girolata)

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