The perched villages of Balagne is the range of small villages set in the hillsides to the east of Calvi and to the south of L'Ile-Rousse.

There are literally dozens of these small villages, each with their own particular appeal and particular setting, and almost always their own little church.

Time spent exploring these quiet roads exposes a Corsica that is far from the crowds of the popular resorts and beaches, and also very beautiful, with many fine views across the region to distract you en route.

Because of the nature of the roads, and the time you might or might not have available, it is hard to recommend a particular route or series of villages to visit. Particularly worthwhile 'groups' of these villages that can be visited together include:

- Corbara, Pigna and Aregno, Sant Antonino and Cateri in the northern part of the region;

- Avapessa, Muro, Feliceto, Costa and Speloncato slightly further to the south-west;

- Vallica, Olmi-Cappella, Mausoleo, Pioggiola further south-west again;

- Lunghignano, Montemaggiore, Cassano, Zilia and Calenzana at the southern edge of the region.

Calvi in the Balagne region of Corsica

Calvi is a good base for exploring the villages of the Balagne region.

Each group or circuit of these small Corsican villages in inland Balagne has its own special appeal and attraction.