Corsica regions

Corsica is an island best explored at a leisurely pace, where stopping to absorb the atmosphere or to linger at a harbour-side cafe is as much a part of the pleasure as the more important tourist sights.

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North-west Corsica, including the Calanches de Piana, Calvi and Balagne

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The region is found in the western and north-western part of Corsica, running south as far as Porto, and inland into the lower hills and mountains. The Balagne region of Corsica is also popular with visitors to the island and has several highlights.

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Southern Corsica, and coastline around Bonifacio and Ajaccio

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The southern part of Corsica is centred around the town of Bonifacio, in its dramatic cliff top setting. Heading north we find the towns of Propriano and Ajaccio to the north-east ad porto-Vecchio to the north-west.

The southern part of the Corsica Natural Park also falls within southern Corsica.

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Central Corsica, with Corte and the mountains of the central region

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This region includes the central, mountainous region of Corsica. It is notable for being the only region listed here that doesn't have a beach - but no problem, you will find a great deal of stunning scenery and beaches are always within reach when necessary!

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Eastern Corsica - travel guide to the quieter eastern regions of Corsica

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This region of Corsica includes the less developed and less visited eastern coast and inland regions of the island, with ancient forests and remote hill villages to discover, unspoiled by the passage of time and the arrival of tourism.

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