Popolasca, Corsica, and the aiguilles de Popolasca

Photo of Popolasca in Central Corsica

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Popolasca is a village of central Corsica, north of Corte (and south of Moltifao).

This very small village is in a stunning setting in the mountains within the Corsica Natural Park, and is best known for being in the shadow of the 'aiguilles de Popolasca', one of the scenic highlights of the natural park.

Exploring Popolasca

The village itself is very small, with traditional Corsican houses following up the steep slope to the church that stands at the top of Popolasca.

The Church of Saint-Dominique is in the baroque style, and has a tall belltower, with several brightly painted statues in the small interior. The ruins of the Chapel of Saint-Jean can also be seen at the northern edge of Popolasca.

Aiguilles de Popolasca

The rocky aiguilles (translation: needles) are an ever present and imposing backdrop to the village, with cliffs and needles of bare rock-face reaching an altitude of over 2100 metres. Below the village the landscape is forested and less foreboding.

The 'aiguilles de Popolasca' are popular with hikers in the region - and the main reason visitors come to the village - and a couple of trails to explore the landscape start from in and near the village.

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