Piedicroce, Corsica, small village in the Castagniccia region

Photo of Piedicroce in East Corsica

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Piedicroce is a hill village in the heart of the Castagniccia region of eastern Corsica, and just south of Monte San Petrone  - one of many to explore in this quiet forested region.

While the individual villages in the region don't have a great number of 'important monuments' they each have their own character, setting and interest for visitors, and Piedicroce is typical, with many attractive houses built in the local stone.

Exploring Piedicroce

The main highlight in Piedicroce itself is the 17th century baroque style Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. The area around the entrance is interesting with various features including columns and the remains of a fresco. The church also hs a sunstantial clocktower.

The interior of the church is richly decorated with painted ceilings, ornate chapels, and several important paintings. Inside the church you can also see the oldest organ in Corsica, once the organ in Bastia cathedral, and some wall murals.

Another religious monument in the village is the Chapel of Sainte-Dévote, dating from the 17th century and also with a decorative interior.

Also close to Piedicroce are the ruins of the 15th century Orezza Convent, once a very important Corsican religious centre and the place where Pascal Paoli set out the first constitution for Corsica, after its rebellion against the Genoese.

Attractions nearby

There are various attractive walks that start from Piedicroce and explore the chestnut covered hills of the Castagniccia region.

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