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Morosaglia is a village in the heart of the Castagniccia region of eastern Corsica - or rather it is a cluster of small hamlets and villages spread across the hillside form Morosaglia, including Cunvento, Stretta,Terchini, Sevasi and Ponte Lecchia among others.

The surrounding countryside is of high mountains and forests, and the hamlets that make up Morosaglia are scattered across various ridges.

Exploring Morosaglia

Even among the picturesque villages of the Castagniccia region, Morosaglia stands out for its scenic position and view across the surrounding forested mountains - if you don't have time to explore the region in depth this is a good introduction to the traditional villages.

Morosaglia is best known as being the birthplace of Pasquale Paoli (1725), who was later to become leader of the Corsican struggle for independence against the Genoese. His place of birth (in Stretta) is now a museum containing various memorabilia commemorating his life and achievements and his tombstone.

Paoli was baptised in the Church of Santa Reparata a little way up the hill - easily reached from Rocca Sottana.

This church is interesting, dating from the 11th century and, unusually for Corsica, is in the roman style (or at least, a Corsican version of roman style). Note the semi-circular stone carving above the main doorway and the 'defensive' window in the apse at the back of the church.

The small window inset above the door was added in the 16th century, and the tower was also added later, so you can see that the original structure was very simple in design.

Several other small chapels can be seen in various hamlets of Morosaglia, including the evocative ruins of the Chapel of Saint Andria in Sevasi.

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