Moltifao, Corsica, hill village near Corte

Photo of Moltifao in Central Corsica

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Moltifao is a village in central Corsica, about 20 km north of Corte.

In an attractive setting surrounded by mountains, Moltifao is spread along a rocky crest from where its traditional streets spread down the hillside, with great views in all directions across the Asco valley and mountains.

Exploring Moltifao

Start your visit to Moltofao at the 15th century Church of the Annunciation. Note the sundails that form part of the church walls. Inside the church there are several important paintings, most dating from the 18th century, and two 17th century sculptures including a marble scuplture of the virgin and child.

It is the tall and ornate 18th century clocktower of the church that dominates this small village, and is said to be one of the tallest in Corsica - very impressive, built over five levels, and slightly surprising in such a small village!

Apart from the church there is little in the way of individual highlights in Moltifao center, but it is a pleasant traditional village to stroll around for a while.

Head down to the River Asco to see two very old stone bridges in a picturesque setting, and perhaps have a picnic and explore along the Asco gorges, before leaving Moltifao, heading next to the nearby village of Castifao which also merits exploring while you are here.

Moltifao tortoise park

A rare tortoise called Hermann's Tortoise is found in Corsica, and there is a tortoise park in Moltifao that is dedciated to protecting the species from extinction and is open to the public.

Visitors to the park can see both Hermanns Tortoises and other tortoises and turtles from around the world.

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