Lento, Corsica, small village near Saint Florent

Photo of Lento in North Corsica

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Lento is one of a group of villages in the mountains of northern Corsica, south of Saint Florent and with the Castagniccia region to the south and Casinca to the east.

High on a rocky promontory, Lento has lovely views across the Golu Valley and the Nebbio region stretching as far as Saint-Florent.

Exploring Lento

In Lento itself, stroll along the streets around the church to enjoy the traditional stone houses and steep streets winding around the hillside, constantly interrupted by the views across the countryside.

The main monument in the village is the Church of Saint Mary-Magdalene, a traditional Corsican church with a stone roof, two statues inset in the facade, and containing some notable paintings by a local artist.

The bright painting of the church contrasts effectively with the faded beauty of the houses in the village center. Note the 'Monument aux morts' just to the side of the church.

There are also two small chapels of interest in Lento - the Chapel San Cipriano and the Chapel San Cervone.

Attractions nearby

Several of the other hamlets and villages in this region of Corsica also deserve a visit while you are exploring the region - we suggest Bigorno, Scolca and Volpajola among others.

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