La Porta, Corsican small village in the Castagniccia region

Photo of La Porta in East Corsica

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The village of La Porta is situated in the mountainous Castagniccia region of eastern Corsica, and is one of several traditional villages in great locations overlooking the forests and mountains.

Nestling in the chestnut forests below Monte San Petrone, La Porta was at one time the regional capital of Castagniccia.

Exploring La Porta

Only a small village, La Porta doesn't take long to visit. It is particularly noteworthy among the castagniccia villages because of its imposing church and belltower.

The Church of Saint John the Baptist, built in the early 18th century, is a very impressive baroque style church with a decorative facade.

The exuberant style continues inside the church, which features colourful wall paintings and furnishings, two painted sculptures of Christ and the cross (16th/17th centuries) and an interesting collection of other artworks, typically dating from the 18th and 19th centuries.

Just next to the church there is an ornate 40m tall belltower that dominates both the church and the village of La Porta. You will also see two grand funeral chapels in the center of La Porta.

Attractions nearby

The nearby hamlets of Ficaja and Querticello also deserve a stroll while you are in La Porta, to enjoy more of the traditional stone houses and lovely views of the area.

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