Belgodere, Corsica, picturesque hill village near Ille-Rousse

Photo of Belgodere in North-West Corsica

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Belgodere is a picturesque village in the eastern Balagne region of northern Corsica, in the hills to the south-east of L'Ile Rousse on the northern border of the Corsica Natural Park.

Exploring Belgodere

Due to its position on a hill crest, Belgodere has very far-reaching views across the Regino Valley and beyond, unmissable as soon as you arrive in the centre of the village. The ruined castle above also has more extensive views.

The quiet village itself is a traditional hill village with some interesting aging houses. The main monument of note is the baroque style Church of Saint Thomas, which also contains a notable 16th century painting of the Virgin Mary and several other important artworks.

As you explore you will also see several other small religious monuments including three chapels and the ruins of a convent.

On the coast north of the village the beach at Lozari, overlooked by the ruins of a Genoese tower, is also part of Belgodere. The beach is very popular and there is significant development around Lozari itself, including a holiday village.

Attractions close to Belgodere

Codole lake, between Belgodere and L'ile Rousse, is a popular leisure lake during the summer months.

The road that heads south from Belgodere (the D71) is a popular tourist route through the Balagne hill villages and back to the coast with a great deal of impressive scenery to enjoy along the way.

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