Centuri, Corse: a pretty port and village in the Cap Corse

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Centuri is a delightful little harbour town on the Cap Corse peninsula. It is on the western side of Cap Corse in between Pino and Ersa. Centuri is one of the more popular and picturesque of the Cap Corse villages and should definitely be included in a tour of the peninsula.

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Northern Cap Corse, Corsica: a charming mix of beaches, scenery and quiet villages

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The Cap Corse peninsula is less visited than many parts of Corsica and as a result has retained a peaceful, laid back tranquility. It is a mix of small villages and harbours, a few beaches and rugged hills inland of the coast.

Up the eastern side we have the villages of Macinaggio and Rogliano with Barcaggio at the tip. Just inland of Barcaggio is Ersa and down the western side the picturesque harbour of Centuri.

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Calenzana, Corsica; a small town rich in history

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Calenzana, or Calinzana in Corsican, is a small town which today is probably best known for being the starting point for the GR20 long distance footpath across Corsica, however it also has a very turbulent history.

Calenzana is one of the Balagne villages and is situated about 13 km to the south east of Calvi in a beautiful mountain setting.

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Corbara, Pigna and Aregno, three pretty villages in the Balagne region of northern Corsica

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Corbara, Pigna and Aregno are three pretty hill villages in the northern part of the Balagne region in the north of Corsica. There are many villages to explore in the hills and these are a group of three that are fairly close together. The villages lie inland of the coast between Calvi and L'ile-Rousse.

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