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Plan: Tour of Corsica

- Three weeks to explore as much as possible!

Gorges de Spelunca

The Gorges de Spelunca are a scenic highlight east of Porto in Corsica, best explored by following an ancient mule trail below the cliffs

Your comments: Visit on a sunny day!

See guide for Gorges de Spelunca


Filitosa is a very interesting collection of neolithic carvings and standing stones in an attractive setting

See guide for Filitosa


An ancient town with a dramatic cliff-top setting. Bonifacio is a highlight of any visit to Corsica

See guide for Bonifacio

Scandola Nature Reserve

Scandola Nature Reserve, on the coast of western Corsica, is one of the natural highlights of a visit to Corsica

See guide for Scandola Nature Reserve


Porto is a pleasant resort close to the Calanches de Piana. It is a good base for visiting the Calanques.

See guide for Porto

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Some places you might like to consider visiting


Evisa is a village near Porto in western Corsica, well placed for hiking the Gorges de Spelunca and Aitone Forest

See guide for Evisa


Ota is a pretty village near Porto in western Corsica and a popular starting point for hiking the Gorges de Spelunca and Aitone Forest

See guide for Ota

Calanches de Piana

The calanches of Piana are exceptionally scenic rock formations on the coast of western Corsica near Porto.

See guide for Calanches de Piana


Piana is an attractive village overlooking the Calanches de Piana. The Calanches de Piana are outstandingly beautiful.

See guide for Piana


Girolata is a quiet and remote beach and village on the coast near Porto in western Corsica

See guide for Girolata

Lac de Creno

The lac de Creno is an attractive tree-ringed lake in the heart of the Corsica Natural Park

See guide for Lac de Creno


Cargese was originally founded as a 'Greek town' in south-west Corsica. There is a popular resort nearby

See guide for Cargese

Gorges de la Restonica

The Gorges de la Restonica are beautiful scenic gorges a short distance south of Corte.

See guide for Gorges de la Restonica


Propriano is a town popular for its easy access to great beaches, stunning scenery and mountains

See guide for Propriano


Sartene in Corsica is in a scenic position on a hilltop with an interesting old town and impressive views

See guide for Sartene


Palaghju has the largest number of prehistoric standing stones of anywhere in the Mediterranean

See guide for Palaghju


Ajaccio, birthplace of Napoleon, also benefits from attractive beaches, Ajaccio cathedral and a citadel

See guide for Ajaccio


The Col de Bavella is a mountain pass and series of rocky spires to the north-west of Porto-Vecchio

See guide for Bavella

Iles Sanguinaires

Visit the the scenic peninsula of the Iles Sanguinaires, ideally by boat trip. Views over the islands are beautiful.

See guide for Iles Sanguinaires


Porto Vecchio has an attractive marina and old town and easy access to stunning beaches

See guide for Porto-Vecchio


Calvi is a town and resort in north-west Corsica well known for the historical citadel and old town and for its long sandy beach

See guide for Calvi


Calenzana is one of the Balagne villages and is a popular starting point for the GR20 walk across Corsica

See guide for Calenzana

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