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Your personal Travel Plan: why and how!!

A travel plan allows you to keep track of all the places you might like to explore when you visit! When a place interests you just click the 'Save this place to my travel plan' at the top of each page.

The travel plan page stores each of these place for future reference or to share with friends or family that you might be travelling with.

You can see an example travel plan at Travel Plan: June trip to southern Corsica


- You can very easily prepare more than one travel plan: useful if you want to compare two or more possible itineraries for your visit.

- You can add comments to each place in the plan, as a reminder of what you hope to see in that destination

- We will suggest other places nearby that might be of interest to you: these will also be on your travel plan page.

- We will show a map that includes the places that you plan to visit, so you can see at a glance which are close

Anyone can look at your plan so you can share it with other travellers - friends and family etc. - and ask for their opinions and advice


To get started you will first need to Register. You need to register in order for us to keep the information so it can be accessed at a future date, such as to act as a reminder while you are travelling.

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